Training program – 2

Third stage (two-day split)

Gradually, the muscles adapt to the load, and in accordance with the principle of variability, in order to achieve a pronounced training effect, it is necessary to gradually increase the amount of load on individual muscle groups, as well as increase the intensity and increase the working weight. To increase the load on individual muscles without increasing the total amount of load (otherwise, overtraining may develop), a split program comes to the rescue.

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Fourth stage (three-day split)

Day 1-Back and Biceps exercises

  • Warm-up session
  • Wide-grip pull-ups, 3x max.
  • Deadlift, 2×8
  • Barbell tilt, 3×8
  • Bicep barbelllift , 2×12
  • Hyperextesia (extension of the body)
  • Any exercise on the press (twisting), without weights, 3 failure sets
  • A hitch

Day 2-Legs and Triceps

  • Warm-up session
  • 3×6 Barbell Squats
  • 2×18 Leg Press
  • Sitting toe lift, 3×15
  • Narrow Grip Bench Press 2×12
  • French bench press 1×12
  • Any exercise on the press (twisting), without weights, 3 failure sets
  • A hitch

Day 3-Chest, shoulders

  • Warm-up session
  • Wide grip benchpress, 5×5
  • Push-ups on uneven bars, 3 failure sets
  • Army benchpress , 3×8
  • Arm extension with dumbbells, 2×12
  • A hitch

After the third day, you must take a break for at least two days. Classes at this stage can be continued for several months, gradually mastering new training principles.

The muscle groups that are first worked out during training grow faster and become stronger than other muscle groups. 

The fifth stage (wave periodization)

This stage of the training program is essentially no different from the previous one, except that the program begins to include more complex exercises, a large proportion of isolation exercises, the number of repetitions varies from 6 to 15 using periodization. Read more: Planning the training process.

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Effectiveness of the program for beginners

This training program for beginners is based on the analysis of literature and is a typical basic scheme. The program is suitable for most beginners, but there are exceptions that cannot be predicted, and only empirical experience will allow them to be established. A much greater risk of poor performance occurs when using specific programs that are now widely advertised and promoted. Don’t fall for the marketing trap, as it is scientifically established that basic programs like this are the most effective.
Do not expect significant results, they will appear only in the third stage. Do not try to force development and skip stages, this will worsen your progress later.