Training for the first about 4-8 weeks

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In the last article we compiled a training split, today we will look at what specific exercises we should include in each day. As I mentioned last time, we should start with difficult basic exercises and, conversely, we should avoid isolated exercises, because you will still have enough time for them in the next “years” of training. So what exercises should we choose from?

Программа для набора мышечной массы в домашних условиях — Волейбол в  Сертолово

– pressure with a large barbell on a straight bench (bench-press) – chest: Bench-press develops mainly the strength of the pectoral muscles, but there is also a significant effect of the triceps and shoulders (and their front parts). It is true that when using an inclined bench “upside down”, the lower part of the pectoral muscles will be involved more, in the “upside down” position, the upper part of the pectoral muscles is involved, which the vast majority of practitioners tend to have. Therefore, it is advisable to combine pressures on a straight bench in one training session and pressures on an inclined bench upside down in the following training. However, the greater the inclination of the bench (the closer it is to a position perpendicular to the ground), the more they take over the work of the pectoral muscles of the shoulder. Therefore, it is appropriate to find a compromise (about 30-40 degrees) in the muscles according to your own feeling. Otherwise, with regard to the dilemma of a single arm versus a large barbell,

– pressure with one arms (possibly with a large barbell) above the head – shoulders – can be performed while standing, but then stability problems appear at higher loads. Therefore, there is a suitable inclined bench with an angle that is close to 90 degrees. When using a large barbell, full range of motion is not possible, but the barbell is “more under control”, but some people then complain of problems with the shoulder joints, which are somehow “strange” when exercising. Personally, I prefer this exercise with one-handed dumbbells, which will allow a greater range of movement and thus a greater feeling of the muscle group.

– biceps lift with a large barbell (with EZ barbell, with one arms) – biceps – these are the basic exercises for the strength and volume of biceps. You can find a more detailed description here and here. When using a large dumbbell, it can be held under the touch or over the touch. In the classic grip of the underarm, the main muscle group used is the biceps, and secondarily the brachioradialis (generally the forearms). The grip of the tactile causes the attachments of the biceps to get out of the axis of action and therefore their role is partially taken over by the forearm, whose strength is needed in a large number of other exercises and which, if underdeveloped, prevents their quality. Personally, I usually choose biceps strokes with one-arms for the biceps, exceptionally with an EZ barbell, and if I want to focus on the forearm, I use that large barbell with a tactile, in which the forearm feels beautiful.