Such a normal question


12. What is cheating?

Cheating is a bit of a chore of the right technique, for example, with biceps lifts, she chats, for example, by moving the barbell behind her a bit before you start lifting it, and then getting it up much easier by inertia. It is also often cheated by leaning backwards with the biceps strokes, which makes the movement much easier. When squatting, the chating manifests itself in such a way that your dumbbell tries to lift your dumbbell and not your legs, which you are guaranteed to recognize in the trainer. In my opinion, cheating is completely unsuitable for beginners, because it allows them to lift heavier weights, but it should be more important for them to catch proper technique in their heads and feel the muscles in the right movement. For advanced and advanced bodybuilders, it’s a bit different, because it’s often just a matter of getting the barbell at any cost, and which muscle will help it is secondary.

13. When I read your diary, didn’t I understand any abbreviations, please write me a legend. 09:30 – 5 PAN, 10mg ZN, 1Bkar, 125 mg C
12:00 – 5 PAN, 125mg C, 1Bkar, 10mg ZN
18:30 – 8 PAN, 250 mg C,
15 minutes before training – caffeine, 500mg C
15 minutes after training – 1 SEL, 5 BCAA, 30ml NC, 125mg C
23:20 – ADI, 125 mg C, 20 mg ZN, ACI + PE

PAN = pangamine, ZN = zinc, Bkar = beta carotene, C = vitamin C
SEL = selzinc, BCAA = branched chain amino acids, NC = neo-carnitargin, ACI + PE = acidophilus and pectin, ADI = multivitamin additives

This supplementation plan is probably quite old and I should look at it sometime, because it is quite subjectively focused on me. beta carotene is there mainly due to the better effect of the tanning bed, neo carnitargin used to be there due to a bit of drawing, acidophillus due to indigestion … Rather choose some of the last articles, they are more universal …

14. Another problem is that I recently started strengthening and in the near future my best friend will be my birthday and I already know in advance that I will get drunk there like a Great Dane. Does such a flight matter once a month?

It bothers, bothers and bothers once again! As I wrote here, it’s either or. Either you want to have a great figure and you have to sacrifice something for it, or you want to be like everyone else and calmly drink there. I have nothing more to add …

15. If I read correctly, the chest is given the right shape by a good part of the pectoral muscle. How do I put a bench on my bench to strengthen this muscle? Should I give her 30 ° upwards, ie I have my head higher than my ass?

In your training, you should alternate as the first bench press exercise, ie the pressures on a straight bench and with it the pressures on the bench tilted upside down, just to emphasize the effect on the upper part of the pectoral muscles. This is very good that you are thinking about it now, in the beginning, because a lot of guys only see the bench on a straight line at the beginning and then after a few years their upper pectoral muscles are really crying …

16. What is pullover?

Pullover is an exercise for the general volume of the chest, and rather than describing it, I would rather give a picture here: o) Although I personally do it a little differently, but in principle it is ot …

Стабильность — признак мастерства или почему нельзя пропускать тренировки

17. What are counter rollers?

Pulling the opposite pulleys is an exercise focused mainly on the middle part of the pectoral muscles, if it can be said so …

18. What is a peck-deck?

See. picture.

19. Now the question about squats: I just finished 2 sets of squats here and did each set until the complete exhaustion. I did squats by putting a 20kg dumbbell on my shoulders back, so I’m more on my back, and I did squats with it. But I don’t know if I should have my heels raised when I bend down or have them on the ground. And I also don’t know if it’s good to have a barbell in the back and if it’s not better to have it in the front of your chest. I do better with a barbell in the back, because it holds better there. Also, when I bend down, my ass almost to the ground, they start to hurt and enter the lower area. I think it’s because I have them bent / bulging out. ???

Please consult your teacher with your teacher at school, as it is much better if someone shows it to you live. moreover, if he is really a person in his place, he will certainly enjoy the question of squats. Otherwise, my back hurts myself too, but for me it is due to the cheating of the technique (cheating) during the last repetitions, when it is sometimes almost life: o) And if it is up to you to put a barbell on your back or in front of you, both at the front (especially light series, because then I have a little flexible forearm) and at the back (especially for heavy series). In both versions, the involvement of the individual heads of the thigh muscle differs slightly, but I wouldn’t have to worry much about that yet. And finally: I smack in front of you that you do squats, because there are very few such people …

20. I make folding machines by pulling out a drawer by the closet and pressing my legs from below from behind it. But I don’t know where to go back and forth. I do it up to the knees and back almost to 45 °. I also don’t know how to have legs. Should I have them much bent, or up to 45 ° or more?

It is ideal to leave your feet in the air and only lift your head, as this will insulate your abdominal muscles much better. My picture is very imperfect, but I hope you understand the principle …

Почему тебя трясет после тренировки: 5 причин и способы решения проблемы

21. When I read articles about nutrition, it says somewhere that sugar should be completely stopped and somewhere I read again that people take 50g of glucose for Creatine, which is actually sugar?

You can’t put sugar (carbohydrates) under any circumstances! That would only be possible in preparation for a competition, for example, and even there you have to be very, very careful! You should take about 2 g of protein and about 5 g of carbohydrates per 1 kg of your weight a day, because otherwise you will probably have a hard time growing … The glucose is given to creatine because it improves its transport to the muscles, which is definitely more than desirable.

22. After reading “Carbohydrate waves”, I was quite surprised that there are enough main dishes (2x chicken + 2x fish in one day)?

Well, it doesn’t even work there, because the waves are quite demanding, and if you have to have 200g of protein a day and a minimum of carbohydrates, then you have no other way. And such foods do not hurt even during normal volume training, after all, few other foods have as much protein as good as chicken or fish!

23. What about the molasses? I don’t think I have room for molasses in my stomach with all those other supplements.

Feel free to omit molasses, I recommend it, for example, for problems with sleep and heaven to people who are defending supplements in pills. Don’t bother with her at all.

24. What is a hamstring?

The back of the thigh muscle …