Pyramid to creatine

This article is very old, so the information in it may be far from up to date.


PPPetr (14:27): Hi Ronnie, I bought creatine and I’ve been taking it for six weeks, but I only weigh a pound more. Don’t know where the mistake is? Can creatine not work on me?

Ronnie (14:27): Dude, after six weeks it should look different … Maybe he’d like to check the basics first … What’s your food and supplementation?

PPPetr (14:29): I eat a lot, mainly meat, eggs, cottage cheese and pasta. What do you mean by supplementation? I have the creatine!

A few introductory lines included a quote from my current ICQ. I know I’ve talked about it before (at that time the article on the same topic was called “From Vitamin C to Creatine”), but time has progressed and it seems to me that a lot of people haven’t reached it yet, so I got into it. let go again, this time, I hope, a little more detailed and maybe a little better.

One thing is all about me: Creatine is a great supplement, but don’t jump into it unless you have everything in the imaginary pyramid below it in perfect order! And what do I mean by the pyramid?


Почему силовые тренировки — лучшее, что вы можете сделать для своего здоровья1st floor – absolute basis

Of course, I can’t help but mention the absolute basics of training again and again, because if you didn’t have these right, all the supplements would be useless to you. So only very briefly. Do you want to grow? Then you need to have the right food, the right training and the right regeneration. That I missed the right supplementation here? Yes, he missed it and absolutely deliberately, because you definitely don’t need her for your success, at least at the beginning of your training!

But I’ve already written about all this in this article , so I firmly believe that I don’t have to go into more detail on this topic here. So, let’s get to the point. Let’s say that you have been training for a few months (ie you are not in the very beginning when you are just looking at the world of dumbbells), that you have a quality diet (ie at least 2 g of protein per 1 kg of your weight), quality training (in which you are not interested in the curves of all girls around, but only those masses of iron that stand against you) and regeneration (ie with a little exaggeration that you do not go to sleep at parties at four in the morning, but lie down early in the evening). If you meet the above assumptions and if you feel that your initial growth is starting to slow down a bit, then it’s time to look for a little extra supplementation.

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2nd floor – basic supplementation

I wrote about the basic supplement last time, but I have to mention it today. These are just a few things, but if you didn’t have them, you could run into them. Yes, I’m talking about vitamins and minerals. We all know that a bodybuilding diet is prone to monotony. In the morning you put flakes, then a few times the meat with the side dish, some banana after training, here and there the cottage cheese and this all day after day, week after week. Sure, you probably have enough nutrients, but what if there’s an important vitamin or mineral missing? And what if he is the one who is in charge of key processes in protein metabolism in your body, for example? That’s going to be a problem! You give 150 g of protein a day, but your body will not know how to deal with them, it will not have enough resources to use them properly! And right now, vitamins and minerals are getting the price of gold!

Supplements number 1, which must be in your plan, whether you are a complete beginner or a heavily seasoned meter edge, are therefore a multivitamin and a multimineral. There are relatively many of these in our market and in practice the decision will be more or less up to you, but I will try a few tips.

If you come to a regular pharmacy with a clear request, you will usually be offered the cheapest product called DuoVit (KRKA). These are a pair of dragees, blue and red, which separately contain some of the basic minerals and vitamins. I use the word “some” intentionally, because not all of them are here. The package with a content of 20 + 20 pieces is currently (November 2003) for 70 CZK.

However, if you do not get caught by the first offer, you will find that the range of these products is relatively large. As another example, I can mention ABC Spectrum (Walmark), which contains a much wider range of micronutrients and what’s more, in terms of one tablet is cheaper! For 60 tablets you give about 170 CZK.

Of course, this is not the end of the possibility, but I will leave the detailed research to you or, if you want, to myself for one of the next articles (just write ). For a better comparison, I am adding another product from Walmark to the following table, namely Energy Q10 Spektrum, where you will get an extra few mg of coenzyme Q10, but at the expense of some minerals. Judge for yourself:



KoQ10 1 tbl.
Beta carotene


1.5 mg


150.0 µ g
Folic acid 400.0


200.0 µ g
Pantothenic acid 5.0


6.00 mg
Vitamin A 1500.0


800.0 µ g
Vitamin B1 1.0


1.4 mg
Vitamin B2 1.2


1.6 mg
Vitamin B3 13.0


18.0 mg
Vitamin B6 2.0


2.0 mg
Vitamin B12 3.0


1.0 µ g
Vitamin C 60.0


60.0 mg
Vitamin D


5.0 µ g
Vitamin E 10.0


10.0 mg
Vitamin K


25.0 µ g


µ g


µ g


40.0 mg
Phosphorus 12.0


Magnesium 20.0


100.0 mg




25.0 µ g


15.0 µ g


µ g
Manganese 1.0


2.5 µ g
Copper 1.0


2.0 µ g
Molybdenum 100.0


25.0 µ g


µ g


20.0 µ g


µ g
Calcium 15.0


Zinc 3.0


12.0 mg
Iron 10.0


10.0 mg
Q10 3.0 mg
Price for 1 tablet 3.50 2.80 3.20 CZK

Фото Мышцы Мужчины Гиря Фитнес Спорт рука Живот

Take the above options only as a starting point, my goal was definitely not to make a cross-section of the market. Rather, I wanted to point out one thing, namely that not every multivitamin contains all vitamins, that not every multimineral contains all minerals, ie. when buying it is necessary to choose more than carefully!

We are going further. Another important basic supplement is vitamin C. If you are now wondering why I put it here again when it is contained in the above preparations, then know that it is such an important substance that its concentration is in “multi” supplements (usually around 60 mg) completely insufficient. However, I have already written about this in one of the previous articles . In it you will also find a few observations about dosing and other necessary little things.

As the last of the basic supplements, I will mention the complex of B vitamins. In every pharmacy, you can buy, for example, the B-complex or its stronger brother, the B-complex forte, which will definitely relieve you of these worries in a few tens of crowns.

Now for dosing these little things. It is advisable to take a multivitamin and a multimineral in the morning, for example after waking up with a glass of pure water, in the amount that will be stated on the product as the recommended daily dose (ie usually 1 tablet). Put the same amount “for sure” in the evening. In the meantime, take 50 mg of vitamin C for each meal (ie about every three hours) and B-complex forte for larger meals. If you also have pangamine (I did not talk about it in the overview above, but you can find a short description here, for example ), give it 2 to 6 tablets with each meal.