Pentoxifylline in bodybuilding

Another drug that improves the blood circulation of peripheral tissues, including muscle, but at the same time slightly affects the level of blood pressure. Its low cost makes it one of the best bodybuilding products for pumping. Often found under the brand name Trental, Agapurin.

The mechanism of action is similar to viagra, that is, pentoxifylline causes vasodilation by inhibiting phosphodiesterase. The only difference is that if in the previous case the advantage was enjoyed by the vessels of the genital organ, then pentoxifylline does not act selectively, but this does not affect the blood flow of the muscles negatively.

Pentoxifylline has a pronounced effect, which is felt as early as 20-40 minutes after ingestion. Almost 90% of reviews report powerful pumping that lasts several hours.

Бодибилдинг и здоровье

The drug sometimes causes the following side effects::

  • Nervous system disorders: headache, dizziness; anxiety, sleep disorders; seizures; aseptic meningitis (rare).
  • From the outside skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue: hyperemia of the skin of the face, “flushes” of blood to the skin of the face and upper chest, edema, increased fragility of nails.
  • From the outside digestive system: dry mouth, decreased appetite, intestinal atony, nausea, vomiting, exacerbation of cholecystitis, cholestatic hepatitis.
  • From the outside sensory organs: visual impairment, scotoma.
  • From the outside cardiovascular system: tachycardia, arrhythmia, cardialgia, angina progression, low blood pressure.
  • From the outside hematopoietic organs and hemostatic system: thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, pancytopenia, hypofibrinogenemia; bleeding (including from the mucous membranes of the stomach, intestines.
  • Allergic reactions: pruritus, hyperemia of the skin, urticaria, angioedema, anaphylactic shock.

Reception mode

  • You should carefully read the instructions to exclude contraindications
  • In bodybuilding, a single dosage of pentoxifylline is approximately 300-400 mg (4 tablets of 100 mg).
  • The best time to take it is before and after training. On rest days, the drug can be taken 2 times a day: in the morning and after lunch.
  • If side effects occur, reduce the dosage or stop taking it
  • Course duration 3-4 weeks

Бодибилдинг как стиль жизни


Aktovegin received publicity mainly due to the article Yuri Bombela “Pharma before and after training”. The author writes:

“In order to better fill the muscles with blood during training, sports nutrition manufacturers recommend taking the amino acid arginine before training (recently the supplement “NO”, which, in fact, is the same arginine). But the problem of blood filling is better, nevertheless, to solve by pharmacological methods. More precisely-more reliable. To solve this problem, you should use such means as actovegin or pentoxifylline. The first one is more effective, the second one is cheaper.”

In general, the article can not be called good, if only for recommendations on the use of insulin before training, or dexamethasone, which destroys muscles. These are very serious mistakes, but we will not distract from the main topic. Bombela also points out that actovegin is “more effective.” This is absolutely not true. This drug has not passed any authoritative studies and is not recognized in the West at all. Actovegin is a deproteinized product of calf blood and is proposed for the treatment of brain diseases.

Theoretically, the drug can slightly dilate blood vessels, but it can not be called effective.  However, it is worth paying attention to the pharmacological action of actovegin. Actovegin activates cellular metabolism (metabolism) by increasing the transport and storage of glucose and oxygen, enhancing their intracellular utilization. These processes lead to an acceleration of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) metabolism and an increase in the energy resources of the cell. Under conditions that limit the normal functions of energy metabolism (hypoxia /insufficient supply of oxygen to the tissue or impaired its assimilation/, lack of substrate) and with increased energy consumption (healing, regeneration /tissue repair/), actovegin stimulates the energy processes of functional metabolism (the process of metabolism in the body) and anabolism (the process of assimilation of substances by the body). A secondary effect is increased blood supply.