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That was a few words about training, now something to regenerate. In many areas of human activity, the more the better, and if we talk about training, we can say that this statement also applies here. But only to a certain extent. If you train, say, six times a week, your body will not be able to recover from training. You may notice progress in the first few weeks, but then it suddenly replaces stagnation, performance gets stuck and so does your weight. You stop looking forward to training, you will still be tired … Diagnosis? Overtraining.

The body is not a machine. If you get the last drops of strength from him during training, you have to give him enough time to rest. Therefore, there are relatively enough days off in the training splits mentioned above. Therefore, it is essential to omit regular night parties with friends and “after dinner” to go to the warmth of the bed. Now I’m talking a little with exaggeration, once in a while you can fly with friends, once in a while you can go to bed a little later, but in general you should make sure you have more than 7 hours of continuous sleep a day and have enough free days without training.

If you now object that many boys train five times a week and sometimes even in the morning and evening, you are right, but such training must be supported by really good supplementation and you still have plenty of time for it Тренировки дома для начинающих — с чего начать? Лучшие упражнения



Now for nutrition. You write in your e-mail that “food will probably take a hard time”, but as I wrote somewhere above, this statement is not true. If you take, say, 2 g of protein per 1 kg of your weight a day, then if you meet the above conditions, you will grow literally like water in the first months!

The diet is usually the biggest problem for beginning fitness bodybuilders. Finding an hour of time a day for training usually goes without problems. In the evening, climbing into bed at a reasonable time, of course, too, but finding time every two or three hours for one small meal is not so easy.

In the following text, I will not give an exact menu, but I will try to show the ways you should go when looking for it. Let’s start at breakfast. Here is a clear requirement for enough quality complex carbohydrates, which the body will be happy to use after a starving night. From the simpler dishes, which are prepared in a second, you can choose for example (almost legendary 🙂 oatmeal (with banana and milk), corn-flakes (for example with milk), in need (for example, if you fall asleep a little and you really only have a few minutes ) biscuits (again with milk). You probably knock on those flakes and say to yourself that they taste absolutely awful and can’t be eaten. How to take it … If you buy perfectly normal oatmeal, then it is advisable to soak these for a while before eating so that they are at least a little soft, but it is also not necessary. I remember, that I used to peel 250g of such goodies every morning and the average time to complete the “exercise” was around 30 minutes. But then I discovered flakes from the German manufacturer Bruggen, which can be bought in any major store under the name Haffenflocken. Their price is around 15-20 CZK for 500 g, but the taste cannot be compared to ordinary flakes. Not that it was a pronounced goodness, but in combination with a sliced ​​banana and after pouring milk, it can be dreamed up quite well.

The next meal will probably be at school or work, so it is advisable to choose something easily portable and quickly consumable. Here we offer, for example, a protein supplement or ordinary cottage cheese, which you can supplement with two or three boiled eggs, a few pieces of dark bread and great food is born. You can also take a box of milk with you and drink it. This will give you a very cheap and convenient source of almost 33g of protein. Look for other options in rice breads, muesli and protein bars, etc.

If you have lunch for a while later, you can add the above food again during the morning. Then it’s time for lunch, where someone can choose and someone can’t. If you have a choice, choose chicken or lean beef and one of the suitable side dishes, such as pasta, rice and sometimes potatoes.

The afternoon snack will again be a simple one, for example the sandwiches, cottage cheese or, if you are within reach of the blender, my favorite coco-mix .

Food before training should contain enough carbohydrates and its distance from training should be about 2-3 hours. The time gap is quite significant, but the reason is that it is strongly individual. While someone is able to eat an hour before training (without “throwing it away”), some people can double the time. For this place, for example, choose rice or pasta with some meat. But if you don’t have time, you have two hours or less left to train and you only have a short break from work, choose sponge cakes as an emergency solution. They aren’t much, but it’s better than skipping a meal altogether.

The food after your workout is clear: for example, two bananas eaten right in the gym locker room or a carbohydrate concentrate at the bar will provide you with enough carbohydrates to replenish glycogen. After returning home, try rice with a penguin or fish.

In the evening before going to bed, give yourself only the proteins themselves, either in the form of, for example, ordinary egg whites or a protein supplement.

Such a menu is by no means demanding in terms of preparation or financial possibilities. Although I put meat in it twice, the price of chicken is so low that almost 150 doses of 150 grams can be afforded by anyone.

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I haven’t mentioned supplements yet … For a complete start, ie. the first few months, all you need is a complete foundation. Multivitamin and multimineral preparation in the morning after waking up, during the day with each meal 50mg of vitamin C and two or three pangamine tablets, after training some antioxidant (Selzin, Sevicel) and before going to bed again multivitamin. Nothing more is needed.

Now you can argue that creatine, glutamine, HMB and other things would be suitable there, but as I have already written, it is too early for this. At the moment, you will grow great even without them, and when growth starts to slow down (in a few months), you can reach for something. But what would you reach for if you put all these supplements there now?

I haven’t mentioned one more thing, and that’s liquids. Follow this article unconditionally here .


What to say in conclusion … Perhaps only that the above lines are not a precisely defined path, which is the only correct one, but only a kind of showing the right direction. Bodybuilding, even the fitness one, is a purely individual sport and that is why over time you will find that not everything suits you exactly as others. There are several different ways to deal with the opening months in the gym, and the one I show is just one of many. Nevertheless, I dare say that he has been tested so many times (even by the above-mentioned Miles) that it will work on you exactly as you wished in the introduction.