How to be the right sparring

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Surely you all know more or less – the feeling of not wanting to get up from the couch, let alone go playing sports. What else will convince you to lift your ass (that is, apart from a natural disaster) than an arranged meeting with a comrade-in-arms? I think this is the first reason why it definitely pays to have a sparring partner that will allow you to improve your results just by existing. However, it is important to be able to choose such a person so that it does not become a completely useless farce, which can be seen today and every day around the iron world světě This article will provide some tips on what to definitely avoid.

Although with my age I am clearly one of the younger ones that can be seen in the gyms, I am a supporter of the old school, when there is nothing without sweat, blood and roar (meaning in the gym, do not pull this on a date). When a person feels that he has an unusual power reserve, and he knows that today may be the day when he pushes his limits, a little motivational shout is counted on and no one should think too bad. The problem, however, is when you classify you and your sparring every other series of each exercise as pushing the limits, and you follow the rules of both shouting. When you fill the whole gym with a shout, “Aaaaaaaaaaargh!” , Which will mingle with the roar, “You’re going, saaaaaaaam, come on!”, you can’t be surprised that the rest of the staff will just want to shut you down. And I’m sure that the anger of the bar staff is enough, which even in the form of a fragile young lady can tear season tickets and call someone else, but whom everyone knows under the nickname Bear.

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In fact, it is generally necessary to choose a sparring that will know your limits, as they will be very similar. Exercising with someone who will lift you and your maximum to legpress over your head may be a good motivation, but in practice it doesn’t work so well. Apart from the fact that when securing the bench, the weaker one will make a solid deadlift and that the pauses between sets will be about threefold, because the whole barbell will need to be disassembled and reassembled, so you cannot expect just a little motivational story. In addition to destroying the meaning of the whole concept of sparring, the weaker one from the imaginary duo can also easily lose his hard-earned motivation if he does not even get close to his partner for a long time.

As for motivational speeches, know that they work very well in the film compared to reality. There is no need to learn a motivational speech, for which you need a mournful musical backdrop and a gently waving national flag in the background. All you have to do is find out in advance what motivates the other person to perform better. For some, it is enough to point out that he is lifting the same way, or a little more than last time, for someone he has to harden a little and scare him that he will end up as a limp wreck when he does not do the last squat. I strongly recommend that you do not mix these approaches, because, for example, when using a more violent approach to a peaceful individual, you may be responsible for a mental breakdown. You should also not put motivational stories on your sleeves like Luděk Sobota when you get young

On the other hand, it is not true that you should be exactly the same with sparring. In at least one respect, the pair of sparring always differs in the knowledge they have about strengthening. The basics of nutrition and precise movement during a biceps lift could still be mastered by everyone (certainly in the theoretical part), but that will not be enough. There is a problem here, where one is more experienced, but the other does not know how useful wisdom he pulls out of his hat, so he just adapts. Everyone may know that the formula for calculating the maximum in the big three exercises is not based on multiplying the body weight by five, but recognizing an inappropriate training plan can be quite a problem. Most people tailor a training plan (which, of course, is right), but if they give it to someone else, it may be less effective. So all that remains is to become interested in yourself, Find a few wisdoms on your own and then subject them to the evaluation of several more experienced individuals. In addition, common sense is an excellent method of evaluation and decision-making, which I use with great popularity in many other things as well. You’d be surprised how many lessons you don’t need to learn, because they can be deduced according to the simple laws of logic.

The last thing you should watch out for with your sparring are discussions during the break between series. You are in the gym to exercise and not to hinge. If you are already discussing something, it would be appropriate to refrain from enthusiastically telling the story of films full of crumbling zombies and other disgust, which could have an adverse effect on other visitors to the fitness center, specifically on their stomachs. I am quite sure that they will not be interested in the evaluation of all the girls in your area and what you have experienced with them, or you intend to experience them, even if the girls do not know it yet. After all, you don’t often pay an expensive season ticket to the gym just so you can chat, and rest assured that no one is paying for it so that they have to listen to you all the time.

If you avoid all the bad examples listed above, be sure to squeeze the most out of yourself and your sparring and the feeling of hard training will definitely be better.

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