Get in shape with John DeFendis!

You feel it yourself. It’s after Christmas, spring and summer are fast approaching and you want to be ready to put your clothes away and look good. Get up, gather strength and let’s move forward together! I want you to do me a favor. Let me take some time from your busy calendar and dream for a while and imagine the coming months. You lie on the beach under the hot seaside and relax. Nice people playing volleyball and frisbee are running around you. You see children building sand castles and playing in the water. You feel the sea breeze and you see him playing with sailboats in the distance …

Pause your dream for a minute and go to the nearest mirror. Now imagine a body in a mirror frame as part of a beach scene. Fits there? Is it a pleasant idea? Will you be able to proudly show off your body in a swimsuit or bikini, or would you rather hide it under a towel so that no one can see it? It’s a difficult question, but right now it’s time to criticize your character. The time for holidays and gradual discovery of the body is approaching!

The first step – set a goal

Правила фитнеса»: как выстроить тренировкуOkay, I think I’ve got your attention now. Let’s put our plan into practice. The first step on our path to a better body is setting a clear goal! Some of us want to burn fat and lose inches at the waist, and others may want to shape our bodies by exercising with dumbbells several times a week. How many people, so many different goals, but they all have a common denominator, and that makes them feel better about themselves and a healthier life. Write down your current measurements and think about where you need to make the biggest change. It is always best to take a few photos in a swimsuit, because there are no excuses and everything is clearly stated. I sincerely recommend you to take a series of photos “before” and “after” for better motivation. Everyone will then see the results clearly. You will be surprised by the changes you can achieve in a short time.

The second step – training

Our second goal is to dive into exercise. You can buy a season ticket for the gym, ride a bike, walk on a stepper, walk outside in the woods, or simply start walking if your current condition does not allow more. In any case, I would recommend that you go to your doctor and have a complete medical examination done. It is always better to be careful than sorry later. I also believe that it is in your best interest to find a capable and qualified trainer who can advise you on the most suitable training plan. I myself am always ready to answer a bunch of questions if you don’t know how to get started!

The third step – diet

The last step is to learn something about proper nutrition and supplements. Diet is the most important step to losing weight, fitness, endurance and health. We will all be slimmer, healthier and in better shape if we understand that diet is up to 80% successful in our struggle. We need to learn to eat less fat, less sugar and less salt. I must also warn you that nutritional supplements play an indispensable role in our journey. For example, did you know that some foods help you burn fat much faster? We can also increase our energy and recover from training faster if we take the right supplements. We can also get rid of unwanted water retention. Learn about nutrition as much as possible, because it helps you achieve your goals!

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