Five common mistakes of young bodybuilders

Error number 1 – non-adhered diet

Too many young people rely solely on training on their path to achieving their dream form. To achieve any goal in the field of bodybuilding and fitness, in addition to training, the right diet is also important. And diet is the factor that determines whether your friends will calmly say, “Um, you look good …” or they will widen your eyes and burn, “Damn, you look great!” There seem to be many reasons why Beginner bodybuilders do not pay enough attention to a proper diet. It can be caused by laziness, a bad example in the family, lack of knowledge or prejudices such as “if I start a diet, I’ll be small and thin”, or “diet is good for fat people”, or better yet “I have good genetics, I can eat everything and I will still be cut out. ”

A couple of my teenage acquaintances have recently started doing fitness bodybuilding or other sports and told me: “I had great results in the first few months after the start of exercise, but for the last six months I still look the same! I can’t gain more muscles, the strength doesn’t go up, fat sticks to me. What am I doing wrong? I increased the number of sets, repetitions, the frequency of workouts, added cardio and nothing. “Then I ask them about their diet and eating habits – I usually get the answer:” I don’t have a specific diet or follow what I eat, I just eat when I’m hungry and what’s just available in the fridge. ”Once they fix this serious rift in their actions, they start eating properly and consume quality foods with enough protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins, and start drinking enough fluids.

Mistake number 2 – too many supplements and too little food

What is so appealing and tempting about supplements that they enchant young bodybuilders much more than a solid, full-fledged diet? Is it the inscriptions on the packaging, the manufacturers’ claim about the qualities of the product, the pictures of bodybuilders promoting the product, or something together? Whatever it is, it’s something that undeniably helps companies sell their products. Teenagers want results as soon as possible. Yesterday was too late. Everyone is naive, but young people in particular like to listen to false statements and be seduced by shiny signs. If the word muscle, max, huge, ripped, shredded, mass, ultra, mega, or fusion is in the name, the product sells almost on its own! The pages of bodybuilding magazines are full of their ads. The biggest appearance is in joint photos with IFBB professionals, the best NPC bodybuilders and fitness models. It makes you feel that if you use the same product as them, you will be on the best path to the figure of professional bodybuilders. Don’t get me wrong, supplements aren’t a problem in themselves. In fact, most of them are really effective, but in cooperation with a good diet and just as good training. The problem is that many young bodybuilders exaggerate the effects of supplements over the actual diet. Supplements are called supplements because they are really nutritional supplements, so they play a secondary role in a diet based on a good diet. Fat burners attract overweight exercisers because “4-week-old” inscriptions act on them as a guarantee of a miracle. Then they may think that if they take this pill once a day, it is dry. They don’t even realize that their diet is terrible and their physical activity is insufficient,

Mistake number 3 – missing connection between mind and muscle, bad exercise technique

This is aimed at beginning visitors to gyms and especially to those whose only sport is bodybuilding. Their training plan is usually perfect. It contains the best exercises, the right number of series, but still does not affect the muscles as they should. They think they are training bench-press or squatting, but in reality they are using all the force of their body to lift the load at the same speed as it was going down, even if it means engaging completely different muscles than they plan for the day. An exercise such as bench-press can be done in many ways. It can involve triceps and latissima, but the main thing should be the chest – that’s why this exercise was invented. It is important to focus on each repetition so that the target muscles are always stimulated. The connection between mind and muscle is directly dependent on performing the exercise. The correct design is such that in which you feel the work of the desired muscle the most. It can be a full range of motion as well as just three-quarters. Also, the grip you use will strongly affect the feeling of muscle work. Each of us has a different structure, we have bones of different lengths and muscle connections to them, so the way to achieve the targeted effect is also different. Unfortunately, young bodybuilders come to this quite late.

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