Drugs for pumping

At the moment, perhaps the most difficult issue in the field of sports nutrition and pharmacology is the choice of an effective remedy for pumping services.

The most popular category of supplements – nitrogen donors, among which the leader is arginine. However, recently there has been quite a lot of data that refute the effectiveness of arginine and similar supplements (norvalinTherefore, in this article we will look in detail at pharmacological agents that have a sufficient evidence base.

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Mechanism of action

The action of all pumping agents is directed at the vessels of skeletal muscles. They expand, which in turn leads to faster blood flow, improved transport of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, and a noticeably rapid increase in muscle mass – “pharmacological pumping”.

Nitrogen donors

Basic information on these supplements can be found in the articles: arginine and nitrogen donors. The effectiveness of complex supplements is low and moderate.

Additionally, mention should be made of inorganic nitrates. It has been proven that they actually increase the level of nitric oxide in the blood and cause vasodilation. Inorganic nitrates (potassium nitrate) are present in quite large amounts in some vegetables, especially beets. So, for example, an additive NO-Bomb (MHP) it consists of beetroot extract an ordinary one. However, based on reviews and application practices, it can be concluded that the effectiveness of the additive is low. Obviously, this may be due to the low nitrate content.

There is evidence that some athletes successfully use potassium nitrate (fertilizer for plants).

One of the most effective nitrogen donors is a class of pharmacological preparations – nitrates. These include short-acting agents (nitroglycerin) and long-acting agents (nitrosorbide). However, their use is complicated by the fact that they act mainly on large veins, while small vessels expand slightly. This means that with a sufficient dose, blood pressure will drop, performance will decrease, headache and a number of other side effects will occur.

Viagra in bodybuilding

Viagra (active ingredient – sildenafil citrate) is a popular remedy for improving blood pressure. erectile function in men, however, recently this drug has found wider application both in medicine and in bodybuilding.

Many people believe that viagra is another nitrogen donor, but this is not the case. It does not affect the level of NO (nitric oxide), but it does expand the blood vessels in the muscles. If true nitric oxide donors increase the level of NO, which increases the concentration of cellular cGMP, resulting in a cascade of reactions that ultimately leads to relaxation of the vascular wall. Viagra blocks the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5), which destroys cGMP, so its concentration also begins to increase, and the same end result is obtained.

There are a number of advantages that make the use of viagra in bodybuilding the most promising. The drug slightly reduces the level of blood pressure, has a positive effect on the heart, effectively improves blood flow in the muscles and causes a minimum of side effects. At the same time, the very high cost is repulsive, but there are cheaper generics (“dynamiko”, “tornetis”, actually “sindelafil” and others).

Some people mistakenly believe that taking viagra causes a permanent erection, but this is not the case. In the absence of sexual arousal (stimulation), an erection usually never occurs.

Reception mode

  • It is necessary to carefully read the instructions in order to exclude all contraindications
  • In bodybuilding, a sufficient dosage is 25 mg at a time
  • The best time to take it is before and after training. During rest days, the drug can not be taken, firstly, for economic reasons (on rest days, the benefits are significantly lower), and secondly, so that tolerance to the drug does not develop.
  • The duration of the course is 3-4 weeks when taken daily, or 4-6 weeks when used only on training days.

There are a number of much cheaper generic viagra products that contain exactly the same active ingredient – sildenafil. One of these options is Dinamiko (Russia) or Potentale (Ukraine), the cost of which is several times lower.

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The international name of the drug-tadalafil, is an analog of sildenafil. The mode of administration is actually the same, with the only difference that a single dose is 5-10 mg, and it is taken 1 time a day, that is, it has a much longer period of action – up to 36 hours, while Viagra acts for 4-5 hours. Provided that cialis can be found at a price of 80 rubles for 1 tablet, a monthly course will cost about 2,400 rubles. At the moment, there is information that Cialis is entering the market for daily use, which will provide athletes with a round-the-clock effect. Recall that the presence of the drug in the body does not lead to a persistent long – term erection-an erection appears in response to sexual stimulation and passes after ejaculation (restoration of natural erectile function).


This is another high-quality” long “analog of Viagra from the German company “Bayer Schering Pharma”, the international name of this prolonged analog is vardanafil .The action of the drug resembles Cialis, but it is shorter in duration of action – up to 12 hours . Dosages identical to those of Cialis-from 5 to 20 mg, for systemic use in bodybuilding-up to 10 mg. It is believed that Levitra is in many cases more effective in terms of erectile dysfunction than cialis or sildnenafil, due to the higher selectivity of the action on the vessels of the penis. It also works in response to sexual stimuli and is suitable for daily use.It has fewer side “nitrate-like” complications: redness of the face, palpitations, a critical decrease in blood pressure.