Classic question: How to gain weight?

But back to the topic…

So we ended up needing a specific amount of protein, a small amount of fat and a slightly unknown amount of carbohydrates. Now let’s move on to compiling the menu.

The “model” for the following introduction is a 180cm tall and 70kg man. It is clear to me that I have now hit only a small percentage of readers. However, the following lines will be written so that all of you can be able to customize the menu according to your own parameters!

Let’s start with protein. According to the above rule of 2 g of protein per 1 kg of weight, we get the number 70 x 2 = 140 g of protein per day.

Now carbohydrates. The question of choosing the initial quantity, which we will adjust in the following ten-day intervals, is not the easiest, but if I dare to slightly simplify it at the expense of accuracy, you can easily determine your quantity.

Our model weighs 70kg by 180cm, so it is rather tall and thin. So let’s give him a blessed carbohydrate, say 700g. If we choose a different entry, 170cm and 80kg, we have a lower and slightly wider man in front of us, to whom we will give less carbohydrates. So 500g is enough for him. If you choose different numbers, nothing happens. By experimenting, you will still get your “right” value, at which your weight will increase, in a few weeks!

We now know how many individual nutrients we have to take, the simple question that remains is how to achieve this. If you now expect an exact breakdown of the menu, you are waiting in vain. In order to make the following lines for everyone, regardless of your current body parameters, I will not state any amounts for each combination of food. You will calculate it yourself by sitting down with the tables of nutritional values ​​of food for a few hours and adjusting the amount of individual meals to your needs.

Заблуждения о молочной кислоте

Sample menu

Let’s now go through the sample options of individual meals during the day. Remember that everything below can only be a stepping stone to your further adjustments, which are not necessary, but are definitely possible!

The basic rule is to divide your daily meal into as many servings as possible so that the metabolism still has something to process. I have chosen seven meals a day, which we will now briefly review.


a / Oatmeal, banana, milk
b / Flavored muesli, milk
c / Rice with fruit, milk
d / Cornflakes, milk
e / Sponge cake, milk
+ multivitamin, multimineral

I give you a choice of five breakfast options. Choose from the first four as you wish (one day, another another, or the same every day), leaving the fifth option (sponge cake) only for the time when you wake up later than you intended and you will not have time for another meal. If you come to work with a long delay or two or three minutes (which you need for a bag of sponge cake with milk) bigger, it doesn’t matter. However, you should not cheat your body with a morning supply of energy!


a / Cottage cheese, 1 package of rice breads
b / 50g 65% protein

I know I didn’t choose anything extra tasty for a snack, however, this morning some of you are sitting at school and some of you are at work, no one wants to pull out a bowl of rice and dry chicken in front of colleagues, so you’d rather be satisfied with something less conspicuous. Flavored low-fat cottage cheese (bought for a few crowns) will give you enough protein and a pack of rice breads or a few pieces of dark bread will give you enough carbohydrates. If you can’t handle such a meal in time, try a low-percentage protein concentrate.


Meat (chicken, beef, fish)
Rice (pasta)

It’s time for lunch, it’s time for food that you must not underestimate. If you can, have chicken or other lean meat prepared gently and without fat (and have a lot of it) with rice or pasta, whether in the school canteen, in the company canteen or in the corner of your office (prepared in the morning from home).

a / Meat + rice
b / Rice with fruit, milk
c / Cornflakes, milk
d / Sponge cake, milk

I timed the next meal for the afternoon 2-3 hours before training. If you can, choose the guaranteed combination of meat + complex carbohydrates again. However, if you are limited in any way, you can choose from other options.

Let me make one comment on the meat. If you are the master of your time and want to rely only on food that you prepare yourself (which is more than a good choice), you only need to cook one large portion of meat and rice with vegetables, eg every evening, and the next day you can prepare dishes just throw in the microwave without wasting valuable time!

a / CFM Protein + glucose
b / Gainer
c / 2 bananas

You have after training, you are sitting ruined in the locker room on the bench… The time is perfect for another meal. At the moment, your body needs simple sugars (ideally in the amount of about 0.8 g per 1 kg of your weight) as well as quality and quickly digestible protein (in the amount of 0.4 g / kg). This is the first option I present to you in the table, which I consider to be clearly the best. However, if this combination is beyond your reach, choose one of the other tips, although they are not as good in terms of the body’s response.

Meat (chicken, beef, fish)
Rice (pasta)
+ multivitamin, multimineral

There is a break of about an hour, after which it is time for traditional food again: meat and side dish (by the way, now is the ideal time to cook for the next day). For example, choose chicken again, or try canned tuna (in its own juice) with rice or another cheap, simple and at the same time nutritionally great combination.

Cottage cheese + egg whites
Night Protein

Sleep is approaching and it’s time for the last meal. If your budget is financially limited, get defatted (and maybe even flavored) cottage cheese, whose proteins will last the body long into the night, supplemented with a few egg whites. If you want to invest more in supplements, try one of the proteins designed specifically for the night, our market offers enough. Both variants are more or less equivalent.

Other supplements?

I have already mentioned some supplements (especially proteins) in the previous text, but do you need more? If I omit the multivitamin and multimineral, which you should add to every breakfast and ideally dinner, I don’t think so. Of course, if you include creatine, tribullus or a similar working supplement, you can amplify the results, but if you have a good diet, you have to grow in your beginnings without them. On the contrary, no matter which supplement you want to use and you do not have a properly compiled diet, your body will not grow. He simply won’t get anything.


Finally, I just remind you not to forget to constantly adjust your diet according to the current gains in your weight and volume. In any case, do not consider the menu outlined by me as the only correct and flawless one, but rather as a small springboard that you can start with and which you will adjust over time to exactly suit your needs. And if he’s okay, all he has to do is work hard in the gym, devote enough time to rest, and no one and nothing will stop you to be bigger and bigger day by day and get closer to your desired goal.


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