Back to basics … -2

Now we have a split, it remains to justify why I included what. First day, thighs and calves, why not. However, in order to be able to do everything, it is necessary to include another part of them, preferably a small one on the opposite side of the body. I chose the biceps, although there are certainly many options. The question now is whether to leave the legs first and then the biceps or vice versa. Personally, I prefer the opposite arrangement, ie. first biceps, which is strenuous, but the legs can be done after it, while the opposite would be very very difficult … The next day is again very demanding, the chest and shoulders are training in itself difficult, here we add triceps but who will already have his day done and so it will not be necessary to expend so much energy to “reach” it. And the third day, back and belly. Does it seem small to you? I would not say,

The first three days are followed by a day off and then three equal days. But these will not be in the same style, ie. relatively few repetitions with maximum load, but vice versa, more repetitions (12-15) and the load proportional to it. Then there are two days off, the same unit as the first (ie heavy again), another two days off and we go all over again.

I’m not saying that this is the only option, certainly not, it’s just a split that suits me quite well. I’m also not saying that it is somehow light … it is necessary to have very high quality food and supplementation and, above all, enough time for regeneration, when the afternoon hour of sleep begins to come in handy …

So it was about split. I will not describe what exercises to choose for individual games here, perhaps only that the basics should be constantly repeated, such as heavy squats, bench presses, push-ups, deadlifts, biceps strokes and the like. By the way, in the Beginners section you will find the series 100 times differently, which I think deals with the individual exercises on a given floor in quite detail.

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So it was a repetition of the basics of training, now we go to an equally important thing and that is the right diet. If this is not right, you can spend as much time as you want in the gym and the results will be almost non-existent anyway. To begin with, nutrition charts and calculators must become your constant guide, and you should calculate day by day whether you are at least (!) 2g of protein and 4-6g of carbohydrates per kg of your body weight. It is clear to me that this is not an easy thing to start with, because the amount of food will seem very large to you, but over time, with a gradual increase in doses to the right level, you will certainly get it and then it will not be so terrible. We have already written a lot about menus here, so I refer to the articles How to gain weight, Menu in volume period or Menu (not only) for students.

Supplementation. Another almost necessary thing. I say the word “almost” absolutely intentionally, because something will be necessary and something will not. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will be necessary for you, which in themselves do not increase performance in any way, but in case of their lack (which can still easily happen with the same diet), you could get into various problems. Therefore, it is necessary not to underestimate these substances and invest a few crowns in them, because if, for example, you do not have enough B vitamins, then the possibility of absorbing individual nutrients from your diet will be severely impaired, which again leads to significantly lower muscle growth. A discussion of specific vitamins and minerals can be found in the supplementation section. So what is the absolute basis? For example, the following combinations:

In the morning after waking up, you will have a quality (!) Sparkling multivitamin. I say this quality again intentionally, because it’s nice to buy 20 tablets of a multivitamin for 40 CZK, but a closer examination of the label reveals that the amounts of individual vitamins are just for fun than for use by the human body. Now I cannot forgive one note on the part of the manufacturers of all kinds of products, who give you bright inscriptions “With vitamin C”, “With vitamins and minerals” and the like on their labels. Never be fooled by these commercial inscriptions and study the label carefully. You may find out the following …

I have not drunk fruit juices (those that are mixed with water) for many years, because I prefer ordinary water, anyway, I still come across them. Now recently I had in my hands a product of an unnamed company, where the inscription “With vitamin C!” it was maybe over half of the whole label … So I look in more detail and how much does it contain that vitamin? 13mg in 100ml solution. How much is given to one drink? This specifically about 50ml per 0.5 liters of water. So that makes a great 7 and a bit of mg of vitamin C … And when you compare this with the recommended daily dose (for a normal non-smoking and non-sports person around 60-80mg), then it’s slightly ridiculous and if you compare it with the dose for athletes, it’s almost to rupture the diaphragm … 🙂 But with that I turned a little …

So back to our morning quality multivitamin, which may be with a certain mineral content. Then it is advisable to take a few tablets of Pangamin with each subsequent meal and always a small piece of vitamin C, which “is never enough”. Just 50mg is enough. After training with antioxidants (such as Selzink) and the night before bed again, a multivitamin with minerals. And it is, a few crowns, but you can be sure that your body will not miss any of the above.

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This was a basic supplement, you can add other things to it, such as protein concentrates, which are very useful if your daily amount of food seems unbearable. Personally, I prefer Promil products, but if you choose from quality whey proteins, you can also from many other companies. Of course, many of you have now been attacked by Creatin … Yes, of course, but there’s no hurry with him. It is much better to wait until you grow without it and then start using it. always choose quality Creatine and definitely do not save money on it, because otherwise you could buy some “shunt”: o) The article From Vitamin C to Creatine in the Supplementation section discusses Creatine and the time when it is appropriate to start with it.

And we have supplementation behind us, there are a few words left about regeneration. Since I recently wrote an article about overtraining here, you certainly have everything in your memory, so just a little faster: Getting enough sleep is the absolute basis and the more, the better, up to a value of some 8-9 hours at night and 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Why not more? Simply because you would not have time to eat afterwards, because if you get up at noon, then you will have three meals in the evening training, then one and the end, and taking this amount of 200g of protein in this amount will not be fun. It is advisable to interrupt the night’s sleep for a few minutes sometime around three o’clock and have a prepared protein drink, as the body does not receive any nutrients during the whole sleep period and will welcome them very much!

The second thing besides sleep is the number of days off without training. it is not always true “the more, the better”, ie. you cannot train seven days a week without a break. For a normal person who does not use anabolics, there are four workouts within a week, resp. 9 to 14 days. sure, gifted individuals can do more, but not so much. A day off after two to three days of training is an absolute must!

And we’re at the end. I know there is nothing new in the article, but I just wanted to recapitulate all the important things that you should not forget both in your beginnings and in advanced training, because even small mistakes can greatly slow down your progress and approach your dream …