An injury doesn’t have to be a waste of time


Many of you got into an unenviable situation on your way to the body of the Hulk (or someone from the Coast Guard). You would like to practice, but unfortunately you can’t. The most common cause of this condition, immediately after pathological laziness, are injuries of all kinds. And by that I don’t just mean the hypochondriac injuries, but the real ones, when not only does your elbow hurt a little when you do a specific exercise, but sports (chess players forgive) are simply out of the question for you for some time. It is up to each of you to decide whether he has such an injury or not. The more boastful ones will just point out that not having one is the better choice in this case.

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Although it may seem utter nonsense at first glance, an injury that will keep you from all bodybuilding or fitness efforts for a month or two may not be a huge waste of time. You can’t exercise, but perhaps everyone already knows that we can’t achieve a lot with exercise alone. Leaving aside the inconveniences that accompany every serious injury, such as pain of varying intensity, constant visits to the doctor (whose waiting room must be occupied by a well-paid extra, because it’s just still crowded) and more and more restrictions, we get at least a little more free time. The time gained in this way is an absolutely ideal opportunity to regenerate the rest of the body and prepare for the next block of strengthening, which according to the new resolution will end with the relocation of humanity to another planet, or death, but certainly not some injury. What should such preparation look like? Well, it’s not enough, what must be achieved in order for a person to feel that he is well on his way. In the following lines, I describe three main areas that you should address. Consider the order in which I listed them to be strongly recommended.

First of all, I would recommend evaluating (or re-evaluating) the cornerstone of your efforts – the diet. Are you also tired of learning from every kind of sentence that you can’t achieve anything without food, which forces you to ask your conscience whether your diet meets all the requirements of a robust cornerstone? This is easy to get rid of. Compiling a diet for at least two weeks (a reasonable period that, when repeated cyclically, should not significantly reduce the variety of foods) may take too long. Finding out all the lessons and relationships is a long way to go, and when you start putting food together almost alchemically to reach the desired values, you will find that it will take a little more than just the experience of putting together a puzzle from your youth. To do this, it is possible that

However, compiling the menu and dusting the kitchen does not end the “work” in the period of injury. Next in line is a training plan. Those who snuggle up in the gym (and it’s not the banana’s peel or someone else’s “dexterity”) can have a clear first step – reconsider the inclusion of the exercise they did, or its implementation or other important factors, such as sufficient stretching . The same is true for everyone – they will need a little more specific training after returning between dumbbells and machines, so that the return does not become just a day trip. Its compilation is not as difficult as in the case of the diet, but the importance of this step is almost comparable.

Surely you are thinking now that these two steps are not enough to take all that time to complete healing. And of course you’re right. The next step will again be light alchemy, in the form of mixing a supplemental cocktail, which will perfectly support your efforts. Of course, I do not mean a literal cocktail, but rather a selection of suitable supplements in a reasonable amount. Most exercisers feel like a small child when buying accessories, who can only choose one puppy in the shelter. However, unlike this situation, protein supplements that you do not choose will not be sad and abandoned. This phase, like creating a menu, is limited by a budget that you should set right at the beginning. Everyone can exaggerate, the key is proportionality and, of course, knowledge. Do you really need to have a pyramid of 15 boxes in your kitchen, or do you just need what you really use? Previously,

Once you have mastered all these 3 phases, you are well on your way to making such a comeback to the iron that the weaker dumbbells will cut and the bigger ones will hide. There is still a long time before you can return, and you do not have a chance to strengthen at least most of your body? It doesn’t matter … The good news is that you can start following a newly compiled or modified diet right away, and the supply of vitamins and minerals from supplements will definitely not kill you. On the contrary, it will help you take better care of your muscle mass and thus prevent its loss. Although I wish everyone a strenuous life without injury, few will succeed. But if you take it sports, you can also benefit from it.