Alternative ways of training not only for busy students

As a trainer, I very often met young boys in the gym – students, most often of the ectomorphic type, who wanted to “just” pick up. They had already read some of the “hit” times, and the motivated videos from Zhasni pounded one hundred and six, in exactly the same way as all the pros do in motivational videos. The classic was that on Monday, the breasts were totally destroyed by millions of series on a bench with a large weight and vision of a large chest, just like Branch Warren, but in a very short range of motion. Then they did even more biceps series, because that’s what Coleman does. After a few weeks, however, the results do not and do not come. The answer to the question WHY can be found by everyone. These unfortunate boys then coughed up for exercise, or worse, fell into the network of a banned substance dealer.


When I saw them, I said to myself that there must be some way to gain a few pounds, even though there is a lot of school and a party on Friday night. I have always admired Russian strength athletes and their methods, so some were brutal and I had problems with them myself. The following system may remind you of some.

So how do you combine a demanding study program, entertainment and fitness? It’s going better than most people think. If you are not discouraged by the sentences above, get started, I offer you an easy way to achieve the desired results. But first, leave all myths about training such as: Monday – breasts + biceps, Tuesday – left shoulder, etc. This is not where water flows.

Let’s consider the situation that it will go to the gym a maximum of 3 times a week, which is also ideal for regeneration. You get up early in the morning and go to school (or work) at eight and return after 3 pm and on Friday you can’t resist partying with friends. The best way is the so-called whole body, but so that it is not always the same and we impressed the individual games one day more, we prefer them with two exercises. The following training is tried and tested and has borne fruit for many people.

When you go through it, you will find that one of the basic games is always preferred and the others are a bit cheated. Now I will explain the number of repetitions A and B. If you do sports where you use your legs a lot (cycling, football …), and you have never had trouble running long distances, your muscle fibers are probably the so-called slow type. It will be best for you to practice with the number of repetitions 8 – 12, marked as B in the plan. If you have always had better sprints and more than 100 m is a problem for you, use a lower number of repetitions, but with a heavier weight, ideally 4 – 6, marked as A.

An important part is the right technique, everything is described in notes and 100% tested. So one day you will have more effect on the breasts, the next day on the back, but in each workout you will practice all the parts, which is the best for growth. However, it is the tactics in the form of modified series, repetitions and techniques that are important. It has proved very useful for me to “inflate” the hands of the hammer strokes in such a way that you try to crush the barbell during the whole time of performing the movement, ie you exert a great force in the grip. If you add the maximum path of movement and you will lead the movement not to the body, but to touch the left breast with the right hand and vice versa, you will have a great effect on the brachial muscle.which will create a “bump” for you, and the biceps will never again be just an inclined plane towards the elbow. Such tactics make sense and pay off, for example, in the pectoral muscles, where in the first workout the pressures are upside down with contraction in the upper position. I highly recommend it, but you must not strain too much to avoid cramps.

Diet is a matter of course. There are a large number of articles on this topic, so I will summarize the most important factors in a few simple points:

  • Drinking each meal with a large portion of the gainer is a trip to the hospital. Gainer is fine, but drink it mainly immediately after exercise. If you don’t have a snack, feel free to have one.
  • Fighting extreme portions of meat every 2 hours is also not good, remember that you will not spend everything. So try to eat wisely and, popularly speaking, not to eat so much.
  • It is not so important for an ectomorph to eat exactly 2.312 g of protein per kilogram of weight. The main ones are carbohydrates that will inflate you. Just because a meal doesn’t have exactly 30 grams of protein doesn’t mean you lose all your muscles. So add a portion of carbohydrates to each meal (rice, pasta, potatoes, flakes, pastries, etc.).
  • Discard the croissant-and-breakfast breakfast if you have any breakfast. A large portion of oatmeal hasn’t killed anyone yet. And feel free to sweeten it with honey.
  • When you go out to a party in the evening and plan to come back in the morning, don’t worry that the next day you have 10 kg down and a year of work lost. Especially have a good dinner, don’t be afraid to have pork steak and potatoes. Most importantly, don’t get too drunk, after all, we want to have testosterone at a high level.
  • If you don’t have supplements, buy at least half the gainer with a friend. “Numero uno” is a post-workout meal – even liquid.

This program has been very successful among my clients and I believe that it will bring results to you as well. Don’t lose your head unless you feel an increase of 10 kg per month. Everything goes despite the fact that you have a lot of work or school. All you have to do is practice the basic exercises and especially the head.

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