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Как правильно начать тренировки в спортзале: советы для начинающих.In the last article, we talked about biceps training, so the topic of today’s article is absolutely clear. If you want to have really impressive arms, then you must not only have a well-developed double-headed arm muscle, but also a three-headed muscle, or simple slang triceps. The correct name of this part is the triceps brachii muscle and it is the only muscle of the back group on the arm. It has three heads, the caput longum, beginning at the scapula and the caput laterale and mediale, both beginning at the humerus. All three heads are a powerful extensor of the elbow joint. But let’s go away from boring anatomy and focus on exercises that can get the triceps to absolute perfection …

By the way, take the picture on the left again as very simplified and slightly inaccurate. If someone is interested in the human muscular system in more detail, then I refer to the great publication of MUDr. Radomír Čihák, DrSc., Anatomy 1.

And now, when I started looking on the internet for its introductory cover, I came across this publication pirated and OCR remade, ie. instead of about 1500, – CZK it will cost you a few minutes to download … It’s illegal and believe me, I’m not guiding you to anything, but at least it’s worth a moment to watch. You can find everything , the question is how long it will last there …

But let’s go to the training itself. Last time I talked about what circumference such natural arms can reach, so today we can skip it with a calm heart. We’d rather look at the first and absolutely basic exercise, and that is the French pressures. There can be several basic types, and the first thing that comes to my mind is the design of standing with one arms and separately on each arm. Another option is to perform with both hands at the same time or use EZ dumbbells, but in this case you must be lying on the bench, see. following animation. I always include one of these three possible exercises in the triceps training in the first place. It may not be a completely correct solution, but as a pre-move of the game, it suits me the most and does not force me to use large weights in the next series, which is, as you will see, extremely impractical.

So this is the first exercise. Its advantage is, above all, a good opportunity to help, when you can do it with the other hand when standing with one hand (in an emergency, of course) and in the lying position, for example, any young lady present that you would not let go of without a bench-press. In addition, it is pleasantly motivating: o)

The second exercise, which I consider completely unique, is a bit difficult, but when done correctly, the feeling of the triceps is literally fantastic. these are the handles between the benches, which I don’t know if the name is 100% correct, but after watching the following animation you will certainly understand me …

This exercise is really challenging, especially when the sparring partner places several discs on your thighs. Here it is necessary to be careful both at the bottom of the knees, so that it is not directly on them, because it is painful and it makes it uncomfortable to perform the exercise, and at the top at the top … but you know. This should be followed by a few slow repetitions to an almost maximally deep position and an equally slow return up. You will see that you will be exhausted really fast with this design. But as soon as you (probably in the lower position) run out of energy, don’t give up anything under any circumstances and just give a decent instruction to your sparring (“Fuck * and take it off!”) And he will take one weight off. And again, you continue to fail, when you don’t move an inch. This way you will remove all the discs until only two benches remain and you and now it is still time to fight to the last drop of strength! In my case, I do 5 repetitions with maximum load in this way, then 2 with lower, another 2 with lower and 1-2 with my own body. Sure, it could be done more, but with a slow execution and with an emphasis on the feeling in the muscle in any case …

So those were the handles between the benches, let’s move on. At the moment, your triceps are really well loaded and it is advisable to add something else. There is a large range of exercises to choose from, I will mention, for example, the triceps pulling of the upper pulley. Unfortunately, I don’t have animation, so I’ll just link you to the link , where you will clearly see everything. The individual variations of this exercise consist mainly in the different axis you use. It can be either straight or slightly curved, you can hold it over or over. You can also use a rope, which is very effective for feeling in the triceps. Personally, however, I have the best feeling when using a straight axis with a touch, then with a rope and finally with a broken axis with a touch. However, during the last mentioned exercise, it is guaranteed to load the greatest load, so it is advisable to intersperse the individual variants from time to time.

And that’s enough. The triceps is quite a small part and three exercises (after 4 sets and 6-8 repetitions) are enough for it with a sufficiently intense execution. But for completeness, let’s look at other exercises that I haven’t mentioned yet. The first of them is my favorite fit (again, I shoot the name from the side), see. the following animation …

Сплит-тренировка для девушек в тренажерном зале и в домашних условиях

During this exercise, you will use relatively small one-handed arms (for example, 5 kg will be just right for many of you), but with a strict design and a good arm extension and muscle contraction in the upper phase, the feeling in the triceps will be absolutely great! In the animation you can see the design while standing, maybe there is a better variant with one leg and just a non-training hand on the bench, where you definitely have more stability and it is easier to keep your back bent. It is not appropriate to include this exercise right at the beginning of the training, rather it is suitable for its complete conclusion for such a “fine” touch …

Another exercise for the triceps can be a bench-press with a narrow grip, which shows the following animations …

In my opinion, the design on it is slightly inaccurate, but after consulting with your local coach, you will certainly come to the right form. By the way, while we’re at it, don’t be afraid to never and under no circumstances contact a gym coach. After all, he is there and if a person is in the right place, then his work is his hobby and he will be happy to advise you! And if he is not there, you will choose at least a slightly larger colleague and try to ask him about the correct design between the series. It won’t cost you anything and you avoid possible later problems!

The last exercise that strikes me in connection with triceps is the push-ups on the parallel bars. Personally, I don’t do this exercise because it doesn’t suit me somehow, so maybe it’s just that strict adherence to form is necessary again, because if you do this exercise incorrectly, most of the triceps work is taken over by the pectoral muscles, and that’s really undesirable at the moment. And also with this exercise (as with the push-backs for wide backs) don’t forget to tie other “auxiliary” discs to the tape over time, because only then does the right fun begin!

In conclusion, I will summarize such a sample triceps training for an intermediate man (and actually a woman):

1st exercise – French standing pressure, 4 series
2nd exercise – handles between benches with weights, 4 series
3rd exercise – triceps upper pulley, 3 series

However, there are countless variants, so try the following, which is more difficult to learn:

1st exercise – handles between benches, 4 series
2nd exercise – bench-press with a narrow grip, 4 series
3rd exercise – triceps upper pulley, 3 series
4th exercise – lining, 2 series

Принцип ТЛС (тяжелая/легкая/средняя тренировки) — CMT Научный подход