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Почему не растут мышцы. Топ 6 ошибок начинающих культуристов.

Now I have to mention the pressures upside down, but since this is a very little (and rightly so) widespread exercise, I will limit myself to a few sentences. The slope of the bench here must not be too great and the stupid 15 degrees will seem to you (when you lie down) up to. In addition, you can’t put a heavy load on here for two reasons. On the one hand, the design itself is a bit heavier than with a straight bench, and above all you are upside down, ie that the color of your face changes very quickly towards red and the inner feeling is not exactly ideal. But if your lower pectoral muscles are weak, then this exercise is just for you.

In the previous paragraphs, I interspersed all possible slopes of the bench, now there is one more than important thing left to solve the dilemma: one-handed vs. big dumbbell. Personally, I like one-handed hands very much, mainly because a larger range of motion will allow a great feeling of specific parts. On the other hand, I do not like the fact that a person is limited in the maximum weight used (because in most gyms you will not find more than 50 kg of single arms) and also that there is a worse possibility of help from a sparring partner, which is crucial in these exercises. That is why I usually choose a large barbell for a straight bench (I usually say it, because I also like to welcome an occasional change) and I choose one-handed barbell for an inclined bench (even here I swap it with a big barbell once in a while).

Силовые тренировки: эффективное наращивание мышечной массы

And so we have pressure exercises behind us, which should always (!) Form the basis of your chest training. So now, after two exercises from the above offer, you have to include something for such a small finish. There are two types of exercises, either something pleasant to stretch (peck-deck, stretching with one arms, cutting pulleys) or something less pleasant to gross volume (pullover).

I know, I wrote a pleasant one, but it’s not going to be easy and it can’t even go, because this exercise is here to destroy everything that is left after the previous series. Peck-deck (or, if you like, I’ll use the name bow tie) is a classic isolated exercise that involves a minimum of other muscle groups in addition to the pectoral muscles. It’s great if you load an optimal load, drive slowly and hold a long and painful contraction, but it’s absolutely useless if you sit on it, jump ten reps at speed and say how good you are. The same goes for cutting the pulleys (pulling the opposite pulleys), from which you can feel absolutely zero if you drive fast and completely eliminate the contraction, but you can also feel fantastic here and you may find that your pectoral muscles are burning like the worst hell, if you drive with a reasonable load, both quite slowly and on the other hand, especially in the position where you have your hands with you, you will clench your pectoral muscles and enjoy this moment for a while. It will burn and it will burn really much, but that’s what this is about, because the path to great pectoral muscles only leads through this really hard path! Another exercise that would fit in place number three is single-armed arms. Do not confuse it with pressures here, because with this exercise the arms are stretched and the palms are pointing towards each other in both the upper and lower positions! All you have to watch out for here is the depth you go into with proper one-handed hands, because you need a little deeper to get a good feeling, but if you overdo it, you could also get hurt. I may have forgotten to add that you can do disassembly both on a straight bench and on a bench with a slight upward slope, ie. Again a little more involved in the upper pectoral muscles.

And for the third exercise, I also nominated one less pleasant matter, and that is the pullover lying diagonally across the bench. I will not go into detail about the exercise here, because it is quite complicated and it is necessary to see it correctly with someone before you start! The rule here is that the more, the better, ie. forget about any irritation with a five-kilo single arm! Personally, I use the maximum weight that my gym allows, here. 50kg. It is necessary to have help behind you, because if you run out of strength in the lower position, you could ugly stretch your pectoral and back muscles, and sometimes it happens that he relaxes his hands in the upper position, then the dumbbells stand in the way only your face letting it roll a few tens of kilograms is not exactly pleasant. But if you master the perfect technique, then you will certainly appreciate this exercise yourself, because the feeling in the chest is truly unique. By the way, I recommend this exercise especially to those of you who have problems with a simple chest volume as such. Simply put, if you have the same chest circumference as your younger sister, then pullover in your training should definitely not be missed!

And that’s all. Three exercises, two of which must always be clear and one at the end, all with maximum intensity … that’s the way to a great chest. Of course, you can give four exercises or just two, on the contrary, take the above paragraphs more as a topic for further reflection … or take them as you wish … it’s up to you

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